Some Warmachine Work (Cygnar and Mercs)

Continuing my inability to stick with one game system (or hobby) I have started painting Warmachine miniatures (or Warmahordes since I have stuff for both games). Previously I had painting and posted a Cygnar Sentinel but this time I have four (4) models I have finished for the most part. I say most part as basing and flat coats are not fully complete at this point.

So what have I done at this point. Well two (2) models from Cygnar and two (2) models from the Mercenaries.

For Cygnar I have painted up a couple of support solo’s in the form of the Squire and Journeyman Warcaster (Alt pose). In painting them up I went with a mostly standard Cygnar painting scheme, just deviating slightly with the shades of blue applied (lighter than normal) and using more brass then gold for the trim. Paints used during the process ranged from Formula P3, Vallejo, Citadel, and Scale75. Overall I am pleased with how they turned out, other than the Warcasters face, as I can’t really paint faces well, or flesh tones… But have to start somewhere. And these being the first two models I have completed in a long time is definitely impressive based on my slow rate of completion and shelving half-finished models.

For the Mercenaries I painted up the Renegade and Dirty Meg. I used the Privateer Press website and force book as a guide to drive my paint theme (as I suck at thinking up schemes) I did chose different tones but stayed within the greens and browns that make up the models. Unlike the fully assembled the Cygnar models where they were fully assembled before prime/paint, the Mercs where painting in sections. The Warjack had the lower unit assembled (waist and legs) and the upper unit assembled (arms, head, torso) serperately. I used tape and Vallejo liquid mask to cover the attachment point between the sub assembly and painted them separately to be attached prior to flat coat. As for Dirty Meg I left her right arm off so it would be easier to paint her hair and face. Like Cygnar I used the same range of paint brands but also tried out Liquitex ink? For the hair as I wanted a bright orange color. This actually worked quite well and I have since picked up a number of different colors to have some variety at this point.

And yes lighting and image quality are not great, but I will fix that in the future hopefully. Also I am working on some more Warmachine Cygnar as well, with more Mercs, Khador, Menite, and Trollbloods waiting on some building/painting.


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