MG Mobile Ball Pod Part 1 (Build)

For today’s update I want to cover the build of the Master Grade Mobile Ball Pod ver Ka from Mobile Suit Gundam. I have always liked the quirky/basic design of the Ball even if it is essentially the cannonfodder of the Gundam UC Universe.

It’s a fairly basic design of a sphere, some manipulators, and a cannon. Not many parts make up the build but it is still a fairly detailed mecha. The basic ball shape is just a handful of parts with a frame that holds on the outer shell.

Given the basic construction of the Ball as well as the low parts count I have decided to try my hand and custom finishing a Gundam kit. I am not new to the painting of kits but I always shied away from custom painting Gunpla as they are snap fit kits that rely on good fit to stay together. (Photo below is parts before paint)


So for the next update I will show the painting Ball, as it is currently undergoing painting and is almost to the point of decals/weathering.

And with the upcoming holidays I hope to have some stuff for tabletop or other games soon as well.


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