Rage and Bad Glue…… (40k – Tau)

To continue my inability to stay focused on a single game for an extended period time, jumping from 40k to bolt action, I am now back to 40k with the imminent release of Tau stuff. So to that end I decided to dig out my old Tau stuff that I had started putting together about 2yrs ago before the 6th edition codex released. Now at the time I never made it beyond constructing a lot of vehicles and some infantry so I figured now was the time to break them out and maybe paint some.

Boy was I surprised when I opened the box they were stored in and I saw that stuff was no longer assembled. And not just 1 or 2 guys that broke when I stored them, I am talking everything is broken or on the verge of breaking. How do I know this, well I picked up a stealth suit and happened to apply slight pressure at the waist and snap, failure of the glue joint.

At the time I was at a loss for words as I had no idea what could have caused it. It was not UV related failure as the minis were stored in a box in a room temp closet nor were they assembled with super glue as they are plastic. So that left two causes. Inadequate model preparation of the plastic or glue. Now I have a tendency to wash all model kits I have in soapy water and then thoroughly rinse them afterwards and no other models have done this so that leaves glue. Why glue? It looks like the plastic glue I used did not really melt the plastic like I am used to seeing. It is somewhat cloudy as dried and the plastic was pitted at the joint so I am wondering if it was a bad batch of glue.

Now what glue could it have been? In a twist of irony I am thinking it may have been either GW’s glue or GF9’s glue as those were the two (other then Tamiya glue but I have many more models made with it and no issue so ruled out) that I was using at the time. At this point I no longer use either of them so I can’t say for sure which it was but now I am forced to rebuild a lot of kits using Tamiya or Faller glues.

Pictures are of a Tau Devilfish before and after 5-10lbs of pressure was applied to the joints. You can also see some evidence of the cloudy glue I am referencing in the photos.

20151004_191708 20151004_191646



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