Review: 4Grounds Ruined House 2

Recently I was browsing the web and checking out and saw some ads for various vendors on the site that would be good to check out as I am always looking for a deal on miniatures and I found Naval warfare simulations online. They are an online store that sells mostly historical miniatures, boardgames, and computer games and good prices. While there I was looking for some Bolt Action stuff and picked up some various IJA boxes and vehicles, and also a 4grounds ruined building. Now today’s review will focus on the 4grounds ruined building as this is my first 4grounds items and I find the idea of the prepainted MDF buildings great.


Now as mentioned I picked up a ruined building, well a ruined house to be exact, and it was supplied on 5 or 6 laser cut MDF sheets painted in brick red, cream, blue, and its natural finish. Now construction was not too difficult but it does look like 4grounds rates each product based on its assembly difficulty and this was either a 3 or 4 as I found 2 different labels on the instructions.

The build started with the base and the exterior walls as all buildings should and assembly was done with white (PVA) glue. Now the one thing that I messed up on is that I chose to water down the glue to brush it on and made it to thin so there was a lot of binder clips and clamps holding stuff together. It is recommended to have a hobby knife and some sandpaper or sanding sticks on hand to both remove the parts from the sheet and clean them up afterwards for a better fit.


With the exterior walls up the build moved to the interior where another layer of walls was glued to the backside of the exterior walls to complete the look. This is a very neat construction idea in my opinion for these builds as it allows for some beefy buildings that look move to scale almost. Once the walls are up it’s down to building up the interior, the exposed brick on the walls, and the bombed out second floor. Now the principal issue that I had was fitting of the stair case and some interior walls as they slot into holes in the floor but I found the holes to be undersized (or I suck at lining things up correctly). So to solve the fit issue I just sanded down the tabs on the walls so they slotted in without issue.

With the build done I did notice that at the corners they did not fit 100% tightly together but that’s ok as this was the first MDF build I had down and the glue was a little to watery. Overall it took about 1.5~2 hrs to construct it and I will definitely be looking at getting some more 4grounds buildings in the future for historical and future stuff. I also have a Bandau and Microart Studios set of buildings to build up in the future for Infinity.

Pictures of the completed building.

20150822_140857 20150822_140905 20150822_140912 20150822_140916


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