Some AdMech WIP

Since the last update there has not been much progress in painting as I was unable to work on painting for a bit. That does not mean I avoided hobby work, it just meant that I spent more time building hordes of miniatures for the AdMech force and a few Space Wolves.

So for today I will just upload a couple of pictures of some Kastelan Robots I have been working on. The first picture is the two guys that are a work in process. As mentioned previously I am painting them as units from the world of Ryza as I like the oranges, greys and deep reds of the scheme. For these guys I chose to paint them in sections (torso, legs, arms) as I felt it would let me get better access to some areas for detail painting. So far this method as been a mixed bag, lots of slop in my application of colors and whatnot. And the decision to undercoat in white and then apply the main color of orange may have been my downfall as going back and brush painting the blacks/greys/reds is annoying.


For the second pair of Kastelan Robots I chose to fully assembly them and place them on their bases. What I will do with these guys is undercoat them black then airbrush on the grey where needed. After that I will most likely brush paint the oranges and reds as I am not good enough yet with an airbrush to detail paint with it.


Once I figure out which method is better I will finish off the last two robots either by painting them in sections or as a full assembly.

Paints used to this point have been Vallejo Hot Orange, Fire Orange, Heavy Orange, Gory Red, Metallic Black, Black Grey, Citadel Abaddon Black and Leadbelcher.

I will say this about the Vallejo Model Air Metallic Black, it is a nice paint, but it clogged up the nozzle of my Iwata HP-CH brush really good. So good that the needle could not seat through the nozzle. It took a lot of scrapping with a bad needle to clean it out (after I ordered a replacement of course).

Lastly not pictured is somethings I have at least base coated and that is a Skitarii Ranger, Space Wolves Stormfang Gunship, an AdMech Onager Dunecrawler, and Lukas the Trickster of the Space Wolves.


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