Completed Astra Militarum Taurox

For today’s update I have finished up the Astra MilitarumTaurox that I have been working on for awhile. Since the last update I finished up the layering and detail painting of the various items that were not green and then applied a minor weathering using Mig Ammo paints from their tracks and wheels paint set. For the armour plates next to the cab I went with a grey background and orange band to show they have helped out on or with forces from Ryza which is where my Cult Mechanicus/Skitarii forces will hail from.

This first set of photos is before the weathering.

20150705_170340 20150705_170349 20150705_170356 20150705_170403

This second set of photos is after weathering (and yes I know the lighting is not great or near the first set of photos but I don’t claim to be a master photographer).

20150705_201603 20150705_201618 20150705_201645

I know there is not much to this post in terms of detail but all that is left really is to apply the matt varnish and install the guys inside of it.

The last photo gives you an idea of the force for Ad Mech I am working on as well as Space Wolves (not shown anything work in progress like Kastelan Robots or Murderfang or other game systems).



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