More WIP: Warhammer 40k and Infinity

To try and not go to long between updates I figured I would post some photos of the Taurox that I am still working on and slowly finishing. Since last time I have painted up the exterior in various shades of green and begun base coating the metals and tracks. In order to keep paint out of the interior I masked the windows and the turret opening with Tamiya tape in addition to temporarily gluing the top on with PVA glue.

20150621_192549 20150621_192558 20150621_192632

All that’s left on the Taurox at this point is finishing the metals, painting the autocannons and doing any touch up and remaining detailing.

In addition to the Taurox I have base coated some AdMech Kastelan Robots in orange. Not shown is the Datasmith who I only primed today.


And lastly I have a Yu Jing ninja hacker from Infinity that I have base coated in Nato Black followed by a drybrush of light grey. All that is left on the ninja is to throw down the highlight color and get it based.


Whats next on the table as I slowly get through these guys? Some Aleph units from Infinity and most likely more AdMech.


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