WIP: 40k Imp Guard Taurox

Not dead yet.

Well it has been some time since I last posted anything but getting horribly sick will kinda kill hobby stuff for a bit. As I was getting better I chose to focus on painting some 40k stuff I had built awhile ago. Plus AdMech (Adeptus Mechanicus) finally got some lovin in the 40k universe as 30k is too expensive…. so that helped full the miniature hobby.

While I have started building some AdMech stuff and put down a base coat of paint, today I am focusing on the Imperial Guard (Astra Militarum…) Taurox that I built over the winter I think it was and has been sitting waiting for paint.


At this point I have focused on getting the interior painted up, even though it will not be visible unless I leave the top loose (ie not glued down) which is the plan on this one but maybe not if I build another as it is time consuming to paint. So for the interior I went with a basic grey and then detail painted everything else inside.

20150607_192451 20150607_192510

I don’t claim to be a master painter, nor am I good with color theory so I just paint what I think looks good. Using a variety of paints from Games Workshop, Vallejo, Privateer Press and pigments from Mig and AK Interactive I think the inside turned out good. One thing I wanted to do was make it seem like the gunner was playing a game on the screen in front of him so I somewhat wrote in GAME OVER using a black Gundam panel line marker. I also know that it might look glossy in the photo but that is because I have not applied a flat coat yet as I felt like getting a post up first before I somehow screw it up like I have with another model I flat coated.


Outside of that once I get the flat coat done I will temporarily glue the top down with white glue and paint the exterior. Hopefully it does not take to long to paint as I will be using an airbrush.

On the desk for painting: Finishing the Taurox and Kastelan Robots.


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