TLR 22 2.0 Build Part 1 (Mid-Motor)

Just as with the previous post, the move into spring/summer usually drives me away from working on model kits and miniatures as there is something to be said for being somewhat active during the brief Michigan spring and summer. So continuing on that trend (even though the Yeti XL is not complete) I have picked up a Team Losi Racing (TLR) 22 2.0 buggy. Some may be thinking why not finish your other vehicle(s) first before moving on, but then I am not one to do the sane thing. Plus the Yeti XL is more of a basher type vehicle but since I am not going up north for a bit and I want to hit up a couple tracks this year I want with a race buggy.

So to that end in order to compliment my buggy range of 1/10 and 1/8th scale 4WD buggies from TLR (22-4 and 8ight-e 3.0) I wanted to build the TLR 22 2.0 2WD buggy (1/10th). So picking up the buggy from a local hobby store I was almost all set to begin work on the build. What delayed my start was that I wanted to incorporate as many upgraded parts from the get-go but it took some time to get them.

To that end I went full bore into upgrades on the buggy from day one picking up the following from local stores and online.

20150407_18440920150411_133608 20150426_182215

  • Avid bearing set for 22 2.0 rear motor version (required addition purchases online to complete for mid motor)
  • TLR +35g brass rear hinge pin brace for mid motor
  • TLR Aluminum servo mounts
  • TLR -2.5mm aluminum chassis plate
  • TLR Chassis protector
  • TLR +.75mm width rear hex
  • TLR 23T Aluminum servo horn
  • AKA racing Chainlink (Clay compound) FW and RW
  • TLR steering bell crank conversion
  • TLR Cab forward body
  • Avid wheel nuts
  • Jconcepts front axle conversion
  • Spektrum S6070 low profile servo
  • Team Tekin RSX with 8.5T brushless setup
  • Exotec aluminum ESC mount (ordered)
  • Exotec battery strap for shorty battery useage (ordered)
  • Various pinon gears 21/22/23T

The build was straightforward and uneventful. The TLR instructions are easy to understand and substituting the shorten chassis plate for the standard one was very easy. There was no alterations to the built using this plate, but the upgrade that did alter the build was the steering bell crank. The included instruction sheet for the bell crank left a lot to be desired as it did not note what parts needed to be pulled for the kit, but it at least showed how it mounted up in the buggy. As for building the transmission the one odd thing was that once the ball diff was built and installed there was about ~1mm of play side to side that made no sense. I plan to shim the transmission before the first run, but worst case I will run it without shims as I don’t anticipate any issues. Lastly was the build of the shocks which for the life on me I cannot bleed TLR shocks correctly that use the bleeder screw system.

20150412_162247 20150412_162303 20150421_200551

With the build essentially complete save for a couple of upgrades, electronics installation and body painting. Hopefully the local track rebuild is complete by next weekend so I can get out and try the buggy out. I will provide a final review after the build is complete and I get some track time.


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