Paint and Glue

Continuing my trend of getting easily distracted by other things like videogames, I have not done as much hobby work as I planned during February but I can so some progress on the F-16 and a completed Necron C’tan Nightbringer.


To start with I have progressed a little on the F-16 CJ that I have been working on by detail painting the engine, landing gear bays (kinda), and the cockpit. (photos below) The detail painting was done using a mixture of Tamiya, Citadel, Model Masters, and Vallejo acrylics as well as some AK interactive and Model Masters enamels. Generally though the build has not been too difficult just slow as there is a number of items that need prepainting before assembly and decals that need to be added which is usually what slows me down as I dislike decal application a lot. Too time consuming and fiddly… But hey most of the lower fuselage is complete and I can get the top installed and begin work on the control surfaces.

20150228_142901 20150228_143132 20150228_143157

As for miniatures, I have continued my break from Flames of War if only because I knew I would be missing a few upcoming events at the LGS (local game store) due to prior commitments, so instead more 40k was worked on. Now I had hoped to complete the Assault Marines for the Blood Angles I was working on, but with the Necrons getting a new book earlier this month I decided to bust out the C’Tan shard I started on over a year ago. As I have still not really settled on the color scheme for my Necrons (my Doomscythe is the standard green/black scheme) I went with a more blue tone for model and scarabs on the base. Now to be fair I forgot my original plan for him when I originally painted his robes a black/blue color so I went with lots of grey for the body and blue for the scarabs. For the base I used some Vallejo white pumice followed by 2+ coats of a dark grey wash to bring done to a greyish/black color. After that there was some light flocking done using gale force 9 ash flock and then a little crystal from an old GW basing set I bought.

20150228_143300 20150228_143313

It’s a pretty basic finish to the model in terms of basing as I am thinking I will base all my Necrons on a volcanic/ash strewn planet, but time will tell as I get ready to paint more units. The other thing that I did a little different is that I tried doing some layering affects on the model for the first time. Normally I would just base coat the model then apply a wash followed by an all over layer of a brighter hue of the base color. But this time I went through and went with the base -> all over wash -> base -> layer 1 -> layer 2 -> layer 3 -> and effects paint and it worked out well. With that said the next task for the Necrons is to determine the color I will use for the warriors as I feel like a bright silver is overdone. Maybe a metallic grey or something like that is in order.

Outside of the painting I have also begun work on a Necron destroyer, Triarch Spider and an Imperial Guard Vendetta which I will update on later.



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