WIP and Completed End of 2014

It’s a new year and it’s time for an update. Sadly I had previously prepared something to post but due to a power outage and the fact that I drafted it in wordpad without saving means I lost what I was to talk about to an extent. But that aside today’s update is of work in progress (WIP) and completed stuff.

Now for my work in progress stuff I have chosen to move away from Flames of War over my vacation as I want to take a break from the two months of rapidly building and “painting” (priming really) a bunch of tanks and some infantry and focus on some Sci-Fi/Fantasy which I have neglected for a while. To that end I have been working on Warhammer 40k and Warmachine models to help break up my time, in addition to static display model kits and RC cars.

For the 40k items I have recently picked up both the latest Blood Angels (BA) and Imperial Guard (IG) Codex’s for 7th edition as I have a handful of kits for both, and I always liked the Blood Angels. With the release of both of the books both armies received a handful of new or repackaged kits to help bulk out their forces, and to that end I have chosen to build some BA Tactical Marines with the new box as well as a Taurox and Hydra for the IG (not shown at this time). I also threw in some Forge World Legion MkII Assualt Marines for the BA as I like the older style armour used by the legions. As you can see in the shots below the Assault Marines are in the process of being painted and the remaining units are going through final assembly prior to painting. Also hiding out in the picture will be some Cygnar units from Warmachine and some various troops from Infinity.

20150103_145206 20150103_145320

Moving  on from the work in progress items I have some images of a couple completed items. I have a Cygnar Sentinel Light Warjack and a Flames of War T-34/85 (that sadly was dropped and is now missing a hatch).

20150103_145658 20150103_145706 20150103_145723

The tank was relatively easy to prepare with a base of Vallejo Russian Green primer followed by detail painting with a number of P3, Citadel, Vallejo, Tamiya, and AK interactive paints and pigments. The same brands of material were also used on the Warjack, but with the addition of basing material from Gale Force 9.

Outside of this stuff I was working on a couple of RC cars and a static display model I will cover in the future. I would also say that I hope to post more WIP/Completed photos in the future of items ranging from Games-Workshop, to Privateer Press, Flames of War, Infinity, Robotech Tactics, static model kits (cars, AFV, aircraft, naval), and RC cars.


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