After Action Tanks-Giving 2014

Tanks-giving and Thanksgiving complete I felt it would be a good time to provide an update on the results of what was more an event then a tournament.

Tanks-giving was set up on a roughly 4ft x 16ft table as a mega battle between Axis and Allied forces. The event had a light turn out of only 4 people, but it was sufficient for some fun times. It was the Romanians and Germans vs the Soviets and British. There was a total of 8 objective markers and points were awarded for knocking out a platoon and holding the “defenders” objective for a turn.

For me I was torn between fielding a British Armored Recce force or a Soviet Guards Tankovy. But in the end weight of numbers and better armor values had me choose the Soviet force. The force I fielded totaled just shy of 1750 with the following;

  1. CiC T-34/85
  2. 8x T-34/85
  3. 8x T-34/85
  4. 3x IS-2
  5. Captured Panzer IVH, Tiger 1E, Panther A


And having just reread my list I realized just now that I field 2 less T-34/85’s then I was supposed too…. I ran the 2 8 tank platoons at 7 each….. Oh well……. Moving on.

So my list was ultimately well chosen other then the tank counting fail on my part. The Brits ran a massive horde of Sherman V’s and Fireflies. The German’s ran a large number of Panzer IV’s, a couple of Tiger I’s and a Tiger II. The Romanians had a smattering of T26’s, Matilda II’s, some Panzer IV’s and some AT guns.

I won’t give a play by play of the event as I don’t have many pics from it, but I will provide highlights. Turn 1 was mostly uneventful for both sides just trading pot shots back and forth with only a tank or two getting knocked out. Turn 2 saw me loss 1 platoon of T-34/85’s and the Brit’s lose halve of a Sherman platoon to some Tiger’s. Turn 3 my decoy’s ambushed the Romanians and just sit there and do nothing. Turn 5 was highlighted with my Tiger IE bouncing a Tiger II shell off of it’s front armor. Ultimately there was a lot of back and forth that saw the Brit’s lose 3 platoons, the Soviet’s 1, The Romanians and German’s lost maybe 1 each, but they were rolling good and I lost track of kills. The game ultimately ended in a tie of 6pts/side


At this point with the December holiday’s coming up there is no tournament planned at this time, but that does not mean I will totally stop working on painting.

On the table at this time I am in the process of

  1. Buildiung the RC4WD Trail Finder 2 1/10 scale RC car (mostly done)
  2. Painting a Cygnar Sentinel (my first time painting for Warmachine)
  3. Building/painting some Flames of War stuff
  4. Maybe working on a Tamiya 1/32 F-16CJ Block 50 Falcon

I hope to have updates on the above in the near future.


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