FoW – The Road to Tanks-Giving 2014

Tanks-giving. That’s a good name for a tournament. So what is Tanks-giving? Well it’s a Flames of War tournament being hosted at my local gaming store a few days prior to Thanksgiving whereby the players field hordes of tanks. Now before I get into talking about what will surely be a fun event I want to touch on my first Flames of War tournament.
My first tournament for Flames of War also happened to be my first time playing it. Now I am no stranger to tabletop games having played some Warhammer Fantasy and 40k over the years, so it was relatively easy to pick up. The tournament itself was a 1485pts Mid-War tournament that focused on Italy and Africa books/lists. As that was the case I had to make a last minute change to my game plan, which basically amounted to priming a bunch of M4 Sherman’s and some M3 halftracks in army green and playing counts as.
So what did I field in this hastily conceived US Tank list was;

1x M4 Sherman CiC, 1x M4 Sherman 2iC
4x M4 Sherman
4x M4 Sherman
3x M5A1 Stuart’s
1x Armoured Rifle Platoon

This list provided its worth in the first two games which I won against a Desert Afrika Corps infantry company and a British Tank company (only game I have some pics of). The last game was against a US Infantry company supported by M6 Heavy Tanks and in that case I was tabled by turn 4 with the M6’s wiping out 50% of my company. Overall I tied for second in the tournament which was impressive given my experience with the game and its rules.

So that leads to where I am today and that is in the 1.5wk lead up to Tanks-giving on November 23, 2014. This event will be a Late-War battle and given where I stand for armed forces I have chosen to focus on the Soviets. I picked a Soviet Guards Tank Company as it seems to be a well-rounded list and will be quick to assemble the required tanks. Currently I have not determined the force composition as I have to figure out the best mix to fill out the 1750pts limit.
So far I have assembled and primed 10x T34’s and built an additional 5x T34’s (needed some fixing….. stupid cupola postion), 5x SU100’s, and some German Panzer IV H’s as captured Soviet tanks.

20141112_201609 20141112_201642
In addition to the above items I just received this box of goodies from the War Store (with some back ordered items yet to arrive). Contained within the box was;

1x Box of Plastic Soviet T34’s
1x Box of Soviet Guards Heavy Tank (IS-2)
1x Box of Soviet Guards Rocket Motar Battalion
1x Soviet Sapper Company
1x Soviet Sapper Platoon
1x Soviet Zis-6 Pioneer Supply Truck
1x ZSU Lend Lease M17 MGMC (awaiting 2 more)
2x Soviet BA-64’s (2/blister)
1x German Panther A
1x German Tiger I E (early)
20141112_171411 20141112_171523 20141112_171531 20141112_171558
Of what I know have on hand I cannot say what I will field for the tournament but I want to field a list that I can have fun with even if I lose really fast. So once the tournament is complete I will provide an update as well as the list I ran.


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