WIP FoW British

Having spent my summer on video games and radio controlled car/planes, I am now moving back into the miniatures hobby. What drives this you ask? Well as Michigan begins to cool off I am less likely to spend time up north or at the RC track (for now) and focus on building/painting models and miniatures.

For today I will focus on Flames of War (FoW) which is a World War II miniatures game made by Battlefront Miniatures. Now I picked up the starter set Flames of War Open Fire! a little over a year ago I want to say but never really did much with it beyond look at the rule book and prime some US paratroopers in green. What makes the Open Fire box good is that you get a small “pocket” sized rule book that covers everything you need to know about the game and two small armies. The armies included are a British armoured force supported by US paratroopers and a German Grenadierkompanie with V1 rocket. For the price it is a great deal, and everything is in plastic (even if the Sherman’s had assembly issues…..).

Now I choose to focus on FoW over all my other miniatures systems (Warhammer, Warmachine, Battletech, Bolt Action, Dropzone Commander, Dreadball) as there was a tourney coming up on October 26th at my local gaming store (LGS) for mid war forces. But in talking with one of the guys that runs it? I was told that I could run late war, so I figured I would work through the Open Fire allied force to prepare for the tourney. Even if I just go to learn how to play…

So what comes with the Open Fire box for Allies? It has one platoon of US paratroopers, and then 6 Sherman V’s and two Sherman Firefly’s. Which is not too bad to start out with from what I understand, but I can never stop there and have bought lots of add-ons for the Brits as well as stuff for the US, Germany, Soviets, and Japan…. So to build up my Brits for the tourney I will be adding in a number of other units, such as Stuart VI’s, M10C’s, 40mm Bofors, Universal Carriers and maybe more paratroopers.

Now that I have covered what I want to try and run, here is a number of photo’s of my work in progress that will not be fully complete before Sunday.

Paratroopers at various stages

20140920_173704 20140928_173826

Tanks being primed


Tanks awaiting detail painting and more (Shermans, 40mm Bofors, M3 Half-Tracks, Universal Carriers)


I know it is not much, but hopefully I can provide photos and more after the tourney on October 26th, and then begin prepping either Soviets or Brits for Tanksgiving in November.


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