Flite Test Viggen Build

Although I have yet to fly my trainer plane (Eflite Apprentice S 15e) I really like the idea of flying an electric ducted fan (EDF) plane. Having watched a lot of Flite Test on YouTube and their website I was interested in the FT Viggen that was designed by them and made from Foam Board. In the overview/review video for this scratch build kit the hosts said that this would make a good EDF trainer aircraft, plus the fact that it is made with foam board helps with repairability.

So what I have chosen to do is pick up the Flite Test speed build kit, which they offer from their online store that is laser cut foam board.


To supplement this speed build kit I have picked up electronics from Eflite, Hitec, and Spektrum. The Battery is TBD.


In order to build this kit Flite Test has taken the unique approach of using an online build video to show you how to build the plane (unless I missed something on their website). The primary method of construction is hot glue, razor blade, bamboo skewer, and packaging tape. This is a simple as can be, but having not build anything from Flite Test before I was somewhat unprepared to work with foam board as a building material in this capacity.

20140803_190218 20140803_190226

As construction progressed I found that I had to modify the EDF housing to fit into the fuselage without going through the foam board. After that I had to figure out the best way to route the wiring for the servos and brushless motor, which taking a page from Flite Test was done across the top of the plane in the vertical stabilizer housing (sorry no photo). This wiring was a real pain as once the wires are positioned inside the housing they have to clear the vertical stabilizer as it is inserted and that resulted in a lot of modification to the housing. I had to cut openings on both sides and towards the front of the housing so I could pull the wires out of the way as I glued down the vertical stabilizer.


 Once that was done I had to install the canards, which was relatively easy. At this point the only thing left to do is mount the receiver into the electronics bay and pick a battery.


Overall I would say that although the build/plane is not recommended for the beginner. There is nothing to say that a beginner cannot build this plane, just be warned that you may get some crease lines in the paper of the foam board. As for flight, this is TBD for a few more weeks when I will have time to take it up north and give it a go. At that time I will be able to say if beginners will be able to handle it.


Eflite – 69mm Ducted Fan

Eflite – 3600kV Brushless Motor (BL15 for V15 EDF)

Eflite – 60 Amp ESC

Eflite – Servo Extension’s

Hitec – HS-65HB (Servo 2x)

Spektrum – AR400 Receiver (4 Channel, DSMX)

Du-Bro – E/Z Connectors for Servo Arms

Pros/Cons/Rating: TBD until first flight


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