TLR 22-4 After First Run Review

It’s taken a long time to get out to the track with my TLR 22-4 but I have finally gotten out to Dirt Burner Racing.  So were did I stand with my buggy before hitting the track?  Well it went together easily enough (see previous posts) while looking pretty good, and prior to running it I had already made some minor upgrades.


I picked up a shorter 100mm brushless sensor wire as the buggy is tightly packed, +1.5mm rear hexes, 25T aluminum servo horn for Savox/Futaba servos, the aluminum servo mount, and underbody tape/protector to reduce the likelihood of scratches.  With all that in place the issue was what battery to use and how to connect it up.  What I went with was a Fantom racing 2S 5600mAh LiPo saddle pack and rather than running direct connect to the battery I went with a deans plug off of the speed control as I don’t know what batteries I will get in the future. And here is a picture of the buggy all painted up and ready to race.


The final thing I had to do before racing was figure out if the tires I originally got (Pro-Line Ions M4) would be appropriate for a hard pack clay track.  What I found was that I needed to move from a supersoft compound to a soft compound.  Based on this it was recommended to me to run Jconcepts Dirtwebs Gold (Indoor Clay Soft) at all four corners, and inside these tires went Jconcepts Gray Closed Cell Foam (Medium/Firm).  At this point I had done some quick runs on the street in front of the house and everything was working.

Now as this was the first time I had ever run an RC car on the track I did not know what to expect. The layout of the track, which can be seen in the link at the beginning, consisted of off camber turns, double jumps and long straights.  My main concerns going in were 1) Will I be able to jump well and 2) Will I break something.

For #1, jumping was hit or miss. I often took the jumps too slow and nosed into the ground tumbling end over end or shooting off in the wrong direction.  But I had started to get good at it towards the end of my run. Otherwise I kept to a lower speed then everyone else and tried to avoid contact as I was inexperienced at racing on a track.

For #2 oh yeah I broke stuff, I broke stuff really bad.  On my first session around lap 10 I overshot the turn coming off the long front straight and went into the wall on full lock.  Doing so I snapped off the A-arm at the hinge point, and at first I thought that was all I broke…  After taking apart the corner I found that I had snapped the hinge pin in half and cracked the lower pivot block. Now as the pivot block was still usable I opted to leave it on and not buy a replacement right away, but the A-arm and hinge pin needed to be replaced.  I was able to get the A-arm easily enough but the hinge pins are on back order until Mid/Late June (2014), so thankfully the front hinge pins of the 2WD 22 platform work with the 22-4 so I was able to buy those instead.


With everything patched up it was back out onto the track.  During the second session I managed to avoid further damaging my car, but it did spend a lot of time upside-down after jumping.  The only other downside is that the number of cars on the track became a little excessive so there was a lot of bumper car action going on that I mostly avoided.  All in all though it was a fun time and I look forward to getting there again after Memorial day as I may be unable to get there over the holiday. Lastly here are some after run photo’s once I got home.


You can see that the buggy is not too dirty and that the wing and body held up really well to all of the abuse it went through.  I will leave everyone with a picture of my current RC project a TLR Ten-SCTE 2.0. I also plan on picking up either a 1/8th scale buggy or a 1/10 scale 2WD buggy as well.




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