TLR 22-4 Build Update 1

Since my initial post on picking up my TLR 22-4 and sharing what I picked up with it I have gone through and essentially completed the build.  Now for my build, I built up the buggy as it is outlined in the instructions, so all toe, chamber, and caster angles are what the instructions called out in the manual.  As for the suspension I did deviate slightly from the manual and went with 35WT shock oil up front and 32.5WT (which is what the manual recommends and is included with the kit) in the rear.  Springs are the included Silver in front and orange out back.  This slight change will all for more rear grip under acceleration.

The build itself was not to difficult compared to some of the other vehicles I have assembled, but care must be taken that you don’t lose the carbide balls for the diffs as they are tricky to find when dropped and not inexpensive. The other thing to be mindful of if the tie rods and making sure that lunsford style tie rods all face in the same direction (see groove in the picture).


But like I said this was a relatively pain free build and I must credit TLR with writing a great manual.  With this I will leave everyone with some photos of the build.  My next update will focus on a compete rolling chassis with electronics, battery and body installed.  After that update should be a first run report and planned upgrades (if needed). I know it is not much of an update but feel free to ask questions and I will do my best to answer.


Box of Goodies^



Center differential installed with clicker system^



Center and rear covers installed ^



Front differential installed ^



Front bulk head^



Assembled build w/o electronics (not counting servo) ˅˄



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