Rainy Day + Vacation = RC Madness (TLR 22-4)

Well it has been some time since I entered the world of radio controlled cars (Trucks/Buggies/Crawlers/ETC) and after some conversations at work, plus Michigan weather that is almost acting like spring, I decided to dive back into RC. As I kid I have fond memories of working on (building/fixing) my Tamiya M1025 Hummer and Tamiya Blackfoot RC cars with their mechanical speed controllers and very weak brushed motors.  Even with those late 80’s/early 90’s vehicles I always had a blast regardless of the time of year, as I always found joy in blasting through snow or plowing through the garden, it was fun.

Since the early/mid 90’s I always wanted to get back into RC cars, but never really did (cost/time constraint), but since starting my job I have picked up a number of different RC cars since 2010.  I have picked up both ready to run (RTR) and kits that require a lot of work and have had a lot of fun bashing them out in the yard. But now I am ready to move on from bashing RC cars in the yard and try my hand at racing at the local indoor tracks.

Before I went to the local store (Dirt Burner Racing) today I did some research online (YouTube, blogs, and company websites) and looked at a number of different buggies both 2WD and 4WD.  I found that many companies were releasing or had released new buggies within the last year or two and there was a lot out there and so I choose to focus on 4WD buggies.

To start with I looked at Team Durango as I had previously built their first gen DEX410R buggy which I enjoy bashing (managed to do a number of the chassis plate with my jumping off of concrete).  But upon research I found that the latest DEX410v4 has kept a lot of the same chassis layout from the first gen vehicle, which is not a bad thing, its just that I was not a fan of the slipper clutch and battery box so I choose to look at some other buggies.  From there I began looking at the Team Associated B44.2 and the TLR 22-4.  Both vehicles come from companies with a long history full of competition similar to the Chevrolet vs Ford rivalry of the 60’s/70’s. In looking at the two buggies I found that they approached 4WD in a different fashion.  Team Associated is using a shaft driven 4WD system while TLR is using a belt drive system, but both use ball diffs.  Outside of the drive system, the construction of the two vehicles is greatly different with the B44.2 using carbon fiber plates and the 22-4 using Aluminum.  In general though I had heard both positive/negative things for each vehicle, but ultimately I had to chose one.

With everything I had looked at and watched online I kept getting drawn back to one buggy, the Team Losi Racing (TLR) 22-4 1/10th scale 4WD buggy.


There is just something about the design of the buggy (yay for mid cab body!), plus the unique drivetrain that I really like. To go with my buggy of choice I picked up the following items;

1) Tekin RSX Gen2 Redline System – Combo ESC and 6.5T Brushless motor

2) Savox SA-1258TG servo for steering duties

3) Pro-Line ION M4 (super soft) Tires FW/RW

4) Sweep Racing closed cell tire inserts

5) Losi 48pitch 18T pinon

6) Receiver is TBD, but will be a Spektrum unit as I have a 3ch Spektrum Transmitter

7) Battery is TBD, but will be a 2S Lipo saddle pack

8) Shock fluid (30Wt, 32.5Wt, 35Wt)

Included with the kit is two sets of dish style buggy wheels (White/Yellow) and the body+wing.  I have yet to decide what colour I will paint the body, but I have an idea.

Outside of all that I have actually begun work on the buggy and will post an update shortly on my progress.  But so far so good.  I hope to pick up an extra set of tires, the Tekin ESC programing tool, and a pit bag soon with a goal of mid May to hit the track for the first time.

And for those wondering, no I have not stopped working on my miniatures and model kits, I have in fact been doing some painting on them and hope to provide an update on them soon.


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