Legions of Marines…. in Space (echo, echo, echo)

Its been awhile since I covered miniatures in terms of showing progress on anything so I wanted to show some Space Marines from a copy of Legions/Chapters I am working on.

To start with here is a picture of some Imperial Fists that I am working on for 40k. Now with these guys I am currently working on building out a full company per the Apocalypse formation with 100+ marines and I am nearing the end of the acquiring of kits, just need to build them.


The top picture shows a large number of Thunder Hammer Storm Shield Terminators with a few standard Termies thrown in for good measure.  There is also a Relic Contemptor Dreadnaught and a Rhino chassis as well.  These guys were originally base coated in GW Flash Gitz Yellow and then hit with Minitaire Ghost Tint-Yellow which turned out bad.  After the the ghost tint turned out bad I stripped the paint off and these guys will be repainted.

The picture below shows a Stormtalon as well as a smattering of tactical marines that have been based coated in Averland Sunset.  Next up for these guys will be additional base coating of the details, washes, layering, and basing.


Moving on from the Loyalist I now turn to the traitor legions with the start of my 40k Chaos Space Marine army.  I am building these guys as the Alpha Legion as I like the shadowy nature and its different then running some of the more common legions like the World Eaters, Black Legion, Word Bears, etc.. 


From these pictures I don’t know how easy it is to make out but everything has been base coated using Tamiya X-13 Metallic Blue Acrylic paint.  Following that the metal on the Rhino blade, spikes, and interior, as well as the trim on the Space Marines was painted using GW Leadbelcher by airbrush and paintbrush.  For the Rhino interior I have further finished it using a variety of paints from Minataire, AK interactive, Tamiya, and Vallejo. 

Upcoming will be to finish the CSM tactical squad and the Rhino as well as continued work on the Imperial Fist.

Someone may ask “What about 30k? Don’t you want to play that?” to which I will say yes I want to play it but Forge World is very expensive so I am waiting to see if I will be able to order from GW-US soon without having to deal with import expenses.


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