Lego Simpsons House

I have covered plastic model kits, I have covered videogames, and I have covered miniature wargames, now it’s time for something different, for today I return to the world of Lego with a short review and lots of pictures.

I have always enjoyed Lego’s ever since I was a kid, and to this day I will buy an occasional kit maybe once or twice a year if there is something that strikes my fancy as I wander the aisle at the local Meijer, Target, Wal-Mart, or the internet.  In this case I was on Kotaku reading some videogame stuff and saw a supposed leak of an upcoming Lego set for the Simpsons house, at which point I decided that if it went into production for real I would pick it up.  Lo and behold a week or two after the leak it was officially announced and I waited for pricing and release information.  Cut to February 7th and after watching the Lego Movie opening day, I went to the only official Lego store I know of in Michigan the next day and picked up the Simpson’s House.  Man what a huge box (compared to those tiny GW miniatures boxes and Cable box remote).


All told the box contains 2523pcs (like the box says…) and you don’t realize just how much that is until you dump out the contents on your floor.


The actual build (which took about 7hrs) is spread across 3 instruction manuals and 7 sub assembles.  Now for those that built Lego back in the 80’s/90’s I don’t recall having the luxury of numbered bags to build subassembles, so it is a nice modern touch that Lego has been including in recent years.  The build itself is not overly complex, just time consuming as you don’t want to miss anything as you go as it can be a real pain to go back and fix things if its a critical structure element.  All told for what you get the house is very well detailed and filled with little nods towards the show such as property of Ned Flanders stickers, a Radioactive Man comic, Homer’s Car with the fender dent, isotope rod from the power plant, and Itchy and Scratchy on the TV.  Included with the set is the full Simpson family and Ned Flanders, and as has been commented on in many places they do lot goofy with their squinty eyes.


Overall I would give the set a 10/10


-Shear value of the kit. $200 for 2500+pcs is a deal for Lego

-Full Simpsons family + Flanders

-Small nods to the fans of the show

-Detail of the rooms


-Goofy faces for the characters

-Availability is limited from what I have seen to Lego Stores and Lego online (from what I could tell)

-No pets or saxophone for Lisa

On a plus side they have announced that they will be releasing 10 more Simpson’s minifigs in blind pack come April/May time frame.  Hopefully it does well enough that they come out with some additional sets of well known Simpsons locations.  To end the review here is a bunch of pictures from the house (in no particular order).



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