1/380 Cup Noodle Curry X Gunpla (RX-78-2)

Today’s review will be a quick look/build of the RX-78-2 Gundam that is included with Nissin Cup Noodle Curry as sold in Japan.  I received this kit as a gift from a friend who recently returned from a semester studying in Japan and thought it would be neat to show it in a quick write up.  Now truth be told I know that Bandai likes to run special limited items packaged with random goods in Japan, such as cup Ramen or various pops (soda’s/carbonated beverages) but I was not aware of this specific promotion so it was cool to get a limited kits here in the US. 

What we have today is the RX-78-2 Gundam from the original animated series back in 1979 and it has been produced in 1/380 scale in clear plastic.  As you can see in the pictures below it comes on a total of 4 sprues that are moulded in clear plastic so this should be a quick build.


And it definitely was a quick build that does not require any tools (5minutes or less).  The parts were designed to just snap off the sprue and than snap together with little effort, but I did use a hobby knife in some cases to clean the gate marks off the parts. As this is a small scale kit there is a general lack of articulation with the model as the legs and arms are just one (or two piece) affairs.  In the following picture you can see the assemblies that the kit built into before final assembly.


After the very difficult and involved assembly process we are left with one unique kit that includes the beam rifle or a tea kettle for armaments as well as a shield to deflect boiling hot water.


Overall it was very cool to build a unique kit like this as they are not available in the US, short of online auctions.  Maybe someday I will pick up the remaining two kits in this limited series if I can find them.

Also as a side note there is a 1/100 MG kit that was offered based on this small scale kit for coloration and I hope it included the deadly tea kettle with it as that is the ultimate weapon.

Overall score 10/10





-Limited to Japan



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