MG Nu Gundam ver Ka Build Part 2

As a continuation of my previous post discussing the 1/100 Master Grade Nu Gundam ver Ka from Bandai, today I would like to wrap up the individual assemblies (legs, torso, weapons) and show the final assembly w/o decals and panel lines (the final two items will be covered in the future when I have time as there is easily 100 decals to apply).

To start with today I want to briefly touch on the new “3.0” hands that have been used on this kit.  These hands are quite different from previous MG kits where they had 2-3 sets of hands that came in predefined forms (fist, splayed fingers, weapons grip) 1 set of hands that are modeled as one piece on the runner and each of the finger joints is articulated.  The picture below is not from this kit, but a future build that uses a similar style of hand. 


Now although these hands are pretty neat they have a couple of fatal flaws. The first is that the wrist joint cannot support large/heavy weapons without failing.  The second being that it is incredibly fragile and I managed to break the left hand when I clipped it from the runner thus losing the pinky finger (Bandai has been gracious enough to agree to send me a replacement runner with a new hand, arrival TBD).  Both items can be seen in the following picture.


Moving on lets look at the legs and feet.  These assembles were not too difficult but the legs (much like the arms) had a fairly detailed inner frame that will allow the armour panels to slide when the psycho frame is exposed.  Since I am mentioning the psycho frame, I will draw your attention to the translucent green panels placed in the leg below.  Once the armour is applied it will cover up these areas, but in many cases there are locking mechanisms and slides that can be moved to expose these greens bits when the kit is fully assembled. 


Moving on from the leg I will touch on the upper torso and weapons (pictures below).  For both of these items there is nothing really fancy here other then the fact that the torso can accept the Gunpla LED system, which is a small LED that will shot light up through the neck into the head and light up the eyes and camera in the crest of the head.  These LED systems come in a range of colours (most sold exclusively through Bandai’s Online Japanese store…) with Green and Red being the most common and readily available colours elsewhere.


Taking all of these parts and putting them together we get the Nu Gundam ver Ka.


In the above picture you can see him attached to his included flying base armed for a fight.  In general it was not a difficult build aside from the issue with the hand that I mentioned.  As of right now I have set this guy aside while I await the replacement hands from Bandai as well as some panel line markers that I need.  I hope to have pictures showing the fully completed guy up by the holidays (including other poses), but I do like to procrastinate over these minor detail items (took me 3 months to finally decal the RG Zeta shown in Part 1).  As it stands I will throw together some pro/cons that I have for the kit;


-The hands are great for articulation

-Overall suit articulation (pictures at a later date) is excellent

-Lots of parts but relatively trouble free build

-Includes action base

-Its the Nu Gundam (one of my personal favorites)

-Water slide decals


-The hands are very fragile and break easy

-Need to pick up the 1/100 EFSF builders hands to have back up’s as Bandai does not sale replacements in the US

-Changing out the back pack components for the different modes

-Some slide joints for the psycho frame are very stiff

-Cost. Buying online from Amazon was not cheap and even in Japan it is still a ¥7000 kit

As it stand I would give this build a 8.5/10, I may revise this score once I get the decals on and panel line the kit, but the issues with the hands don’t inspire confidence.  To close here is a preview of future Gunpla builds.



2 responses to “MG Nu Gundam ver Ka Build Part 2

  1. Great article. I also bought that exact kit and unfortunately i had the same problem with you, I accidentally broke the left index finger of my gunpla. How can i email the bandai and is it 100%sure that they will gonna send me a new one? Thanks

    • Hezekiah, you can email Bandai at

      The process is not too difficult as they will ask you questions related to the breaking of the part (fragile during assembly or use). In addition to answering any questions they will ask for
      1) A picture of the import/export stickers from the side of the box
      2) A picture of the broken part
      3) The gunpla kit number which is found in the instruction manual on the page that lists the runners included and it will be in a box that says for Japan use only
      4) The runner identification code for the hands.

      Outside of that they will ask for your shipping information if they agree to send you a replacement part and then it is 1-2wks waiting. Its not the easiest process and it can be a few days for them to email you.

      Hopefully that helps. Otherwise there are some sites out there that can special order parts such as GG Infinite (although I am not familiar with their process).

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