MG νGundam ver KA Build Part 1

As many can attest to, I have over the years been enamored with Mobile Suit Gundam in all forms, from TV to games to toys, and for this update I wish to focus on the Master Grade (1/100 Scale) νGundam ver Ka released in Dec2012 by Bandai.  This mobile suit comes from the OVA movie Mobile Suit Gundam Char’s Counterattack which is a direct movie sequel to the original series Mobile Suit Gundam (1979-80) and Zeta Gundam (1985-86).  In this movie Amuro Ray once again confronts the main villain Char Aznable following an attack on the moon base resulting in its destruction, but I am not here to discuss the movie (mostly as I have not seen it in years) I here to talk about the Gunpla.

For those that do not know Gunpla refers to Gundam Plastic Model Kit and these kits are typically made in a variety of “grades” and scales.  These grades are associated with the detail level of the kit and are as follows; no grade, high grade (HG), real grade (RG), master grade (MG), perfect grade (PG), and mega size: with common scales are 1/144, 1/100, and 1/60 with a few 1/550 and 1/48 thrown in for good measure. Now with the exception of a few MG kits that I have built over the last couple of years (and dozens more in the late 90’s/early 00’s) I have not really been up to date on the world of Gunpla, beyond occasional checking out

Earlier this year I began looking at Gunpla again (thanks and was really intrigued  by the release of the 1/144 RG kits as I had been hearing good things about them and they were supposed to be very articulate.  So I jumped back in with the RG Zeta Gundam, which took roughly 10 hours to complete and can be seen below.


Now for today’s post I will focus on the MG 1/100 νGundam ver Ka. kit that I recently picked up off of Amazon.  This kit features Amuro Ray’s Earth Federation Mobile Suit from Chars Counterattack and was known for the fin funnel system on its backpack that would fly off the suit and could be controlled by a Newtype Pilot.  What makes this release unique is that it takes advantage of some of the latest Bandai modeling tech and is also a part of the ver Ka line of suits (suits that have been touched up by one of Bandais top artist/designs) so it has a lot of decals.


Now I am going to break this review up over a few posts (even though I have completed the build sans the decals) so that I don’t have one giant post.  For today I will focus on some of the components I have assembled.

To start with let take a look at the torso and the pilot that mans the suit.  For the pilot I chose to do a rough painting of him, even if he can not been seen once the suit is assembled, if only because I would know.  Now what I did for painting was apply a wash of Citadel Nuln Oil to capture the recesses of the figure and then touched it up with so Vallejo Sky Green on the visor, GW Chaos Black for the boots, Vallejo Periscope for the blue highlights and Minitaire Nebula Red.  For scale I have stuck a quarter to the lamp behind him.


After this was painted I also painted the black around the eyes of the clear green part that is in the head (no picture of this piece sorry) using Tamiya X-18 Semi-Gloss Black as I felt the decal would look bad and prevent me for seeing the affects of the Gunpla LED unit that lights up the eyes.  After these items were painted up assembly began of the arms and head.  The arms themselves are fairly straight forward for assembly and the manual has you build two of everything as you go as the arms are mirrored aside from some addon parts to the back of the forearms (top below). And yes one of those arms is missing a hand, I will cover that in the next update.  For the head this was a simple build made up of very few pieces that goes together quite nicely and once the V-fin is installed on he crest of the head will look good.



Up to this point the build was very easy with little issues. In the next part I will discuss the hands, upper torso and the feet.

*edit: Updated box picture


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