Cup full of brushes


I have been spending time working on Hobby this last week or two when not engrossed in GTA V, and as such I have been making headway on the Tamyia 1/35 Scale Cromwell MK IV tank.  The tank is fairly simple in construction with most of the detail molded into the various components. The first couple pictures are of the tank prior to priming and base coating.




Although not present in the above pictures there was a fit issue with the lower hull where there are covers towards the rear of the tank that may have acted as vents/intakes for the engine.  Part of the fit issue was self created when I attempted to lay in a mesh overlay similar to the photo-etch set that is available for this kit to add subtle detail.  What happened is that I applied to much CA Glue so it bulged out the covers.  In order to resolve this issue I removed the mesh and took a knife to the glue to scrap it away, then using gap filling CA glue I attached the covers followed by some GW liquid green stuff.  This was then sanded done to the best of my ability prior to priming.  I also filled a few other gaps with GW liquid green stuff and sanded as needed. 

For the turret, though it is not present the front of the turret with the barrel and co-axial machine gun have been assembled and base coated in white.  Once assembled I sprayed the interior of the turret in white, as was typical of British tanks during World War 2, and than added some antennae made of 0.020″ music wire (I first experimented with stretch sprue which worked ok).

 In the next pictures we have the tank Hull and Turret base coated.



The tank was base coated using a lot of Tamiya AS-9 (RAF) Dark Green spray cans.  Both of the main assembles saw 2-3 coats of paint for the base coat.  Following this base coat I have begun the touch up, adding highlights and painting the stowage that goes onto the tank. Next up will be an initial gloss coat so that decals and weathering can be applied before a final matte coat of varnish.  I will provide future updates as time allows.



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